BAMM Stationers

Bamm Stationers is a well-stocked stationery supplier with a wide range of products from reliable and popular brands. Their products are of great quality which has cemented them as a significant player in the stationery industry in Zimbabwe.


Bamm Stationers was established in 1992 and has become one of the leading stationery suppliers in Zimbabwe. Their personalised and efficient service to their valued clients has established them as the preferred stationery supplier.


What We Did

C2 created a fully functional e-commerce website that lets Bamm Stationers’ customers order their stationery online with ease. The website allows a customer to create an account and add products to their cart and pay either online on the secure Paynow platform or they can pay upon delivery. The website has actual product images and finding products is simple because they are categorised. Customers can also search for a product using the brand name.