Montclair Hotel & Casino

Montclair Hotel and Casino is an ideal place to stay for travel enthusiasts that visit the Nyanga area. It has a gold course, casino, great food and is located in the midst of the beautiful Eastern Highlands.


Montclair Hotel and Casino was built in 1949 and is situated in heart of Nyanga. It is the largest hotel in the Nyanga area with 85 rooms. During your stay at the hotel, you are assured of great service and magnificent views of the Nyanga mountain ranges.

What We Did

C2 designed and developed a simple and modern website for the hotel. The Montclair website simplifies the life of the customer because queries can be made directly from the website on any page. It also has a list of exciting activities that are in store in the Nyanga area. Customers are able to make an informed decision because the website is informative with the use of actual pictures of the hotel.