Harare Childrens Hospital Trust

The Children's Hospital Trust was established in 2012 as the independent fundraising arm of the Harare Children's Hospital. To serve the children of Africa by promoting Harare Children's Hospital as a centre of paediatric excellence.


Harare Children's Hospital Trust is dedicated to enriching and transforming the lives of children. The Trust has supported Harare Children's Hospital through upgrading its buildings, purchasing vital Incubator equipment and funding critical training and research programmes.

What We Did

To do our bit to strengthen the pillar that supports and props up children’s health care in Zimbabwe, we undertook to build them a website that would showcase all the hardwork that they have been doing in the medical industry. The website is a clean, modern yet insightful resource. The site navigation is user-friendly for everyone. It is easy for the user to gain a wholistic perspective of what the Harare Children’s Hospital Trust stands for.