Harare Children's Home

Harare Children's Home in one of the longest established places of shelter for children in need of care, Harare Children's Home was established on July 4, 1921. It moved to its present premises in Eastlea over 5 decades ago.


The Harare Children’s Home has been providing a safe haven for many less privileged children: ones who have been left alone in the world, whose families were shattered by violence, some whose lives are changed by child abuse, others who have been abandoned or neglected. Each one has been given love, shelter, sustenance, education and guidance.

What We Did

We created a digital home for the Harare Children’s Home in honor of all the hard work that they have been doing. Visit the website to find out how you can help out the over 110 children that call this place home. The warm coloured neat website is worth a visit and so is the Harare Children’s Home.