Kurima Mari

Kurima Mari is the future of farming! It is an agricultural-based application to assist farmers and extension agents.

About Kurima Mari

Kurima Mari is a farming encyclopaedia in your pocket. It provides farmers and extension agents, all the information and contacts they need to improve and increase farming production. The app has specific information on crops and livestock, direct links to experts in the area and tips on how to reach the market.

What We Did

C2 developed an application that is an invaluable resource to farmers. Users have access to farming information, market contacts, tutorial videos, useful podcasts, market trend analysis, and more. The application also doesn’t require data, which makes it ideal for farmers in remote areas that don’t have internet access. It is also available in the three local languages - English, Shona, and Ndebele.

In addition, we also created an explainer video to effectively educate the user on the value proposition of the application and how it will help them make money: