AMP Meats

100% premium quality Zimbabwean meat, sourced from trusted suppliers. Perfectly portioned cuts and free delivery within Harare.

About AMP Meats

Consistently sourcing only high-grade meat for our products is challenging but rewarding. Our mandate is to always use healthy, top quality beef, chicken and pork.

We hold our suppliers to strict standards to ensure our customers always enjoy quality meat products. Our premium products include Rump, Fillet, Sirloin (Strip Loin), Oxtail, Silverside, Topside, Lean Mince and Boerewors. Our beef comes from premium Zimbabwean-bred cattle, predominantly sourced from the Matabeleland region and primarily sustained on their natural grass-fed diet.

What We Did

C2 created an e-commerce platform for the AMP Meats "Butcher Box" product: Your meat delivered to your door in a simple box. Customers can place an order online and complete payment via Paynow. The Content Management System sends an order confirmation to the customer, and a packing slip to the butchery.