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Jeremy Ley


Jeremy Ley can draw anything?well, pretty much anything. There are a few things he can?t draw, those being the Prophet Muhammad, a perfect freehand circle, and one million dots on a post-it note. Apart from that he?s got it covered.

When he was young he traveled a lot; Europe, Asia, America, basically wherever his mum and dad wanted to go. As an only child, he was forced to come up with friends of his own. This was when he started to draw. It was an escape from the lonely nomadic lifestyle of a six year old. Eventually those friends became BFFs, and started to get him recognition in the commercial and art world. They now work for him, doing his biddings and earning their keep.

Jeremy has illustrated and storyboarded for Angus & Robertson, Kraft, Draft FCB, FHM, The Guild of Directors, Miss Lucifer Productions and Vice, to name a few.


design, development, e-commerce, illustrator, blog

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