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We reckon there should be a way to brag to your mates, here and abroad, about how choice our country is and how awesome you are at making the most of it. OurNZ lets you do exactly that ? (aren?t we amazing?)

Sure film directors and advertising gurus can produce airbrushed scenes of a ?pure? New Zealand but we think they?re barking up the wrong tree. The heart of our New Zealand is not sparkling filtered distilled mineral water, but drinking straight from the stream ? it?s usually ka pai but sometimes it gives ya the runs.

Dave and Todd and a couple of mates have been working flat tack over the past few months to jack this site up. We?re stoked OurNZ has finally landed and you're taking the time to have a gawk. We love looking at the vids yous fellas are uploading.


design, development, video, ugc, social-media

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