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Welcome to Payserv. The Payserv group provides payments and business process outsourcing services targeted at Financial and related sectors in Zimbabwe. We offer Payments, Fund transfers, comprehensive Payroll and HR outsourcing services, loan process and management system and complete deployment and management of IT Security, HR and Payroll Management software solutions.

The Payserv Group of companies helps businesses minimize time and monetary investments through outsourcing these administrative processes, in order to maximize the income-generating aspects of their business. This allows companies to concentrate more on the operations of their business, and in turn improving its effectiveness. With this in mind, it is evident there are several benefits to acquiring Payserv services.

Whether you choose our Paynet, Autopay, Loanserv or Softserv services, we'll work with you the entire way to ensure that we provide you with the best payments and business processing outsourcing services available.


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